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WM-Group's 10. Financial Center Day 07-08/03/2017 Frankfurt/M., IHK
WM Roadshow: MiFID II - IT Requirements ** 22/03/2017 Munich, Novotel City
WM Roadshow: MiFID II - IT Requirements ** 27/03/2017 Hamburg, Crowne Plaza
WM Roadshow: MiFID II - IT Requirements ** 28/03/2017 Frankfurt/M, BVI e.V.
7. D-A-CH Congress for Financial Information 09/05/2017 Munich, Sofitel Bayerpost
WM-Forum Luxembourg 18/05/2017 LU Chambre de Commerce
Richmond Financial Industry Forum 18-20/05/2017 Interlaken
WM-Forum London 01/06/2017 London
WM/OEWS Forum Vienna 21/06/2017 Vienna
WM-Forum Zurich 28/09/2017 Zurich, Zunfthaus zur Saffran
Industry Forum Banking 04-05/10/2017 Bavaria, Schloss Hohenkammer
WM Customer Forum 23/11/2017 Frankfurt/M
23. Handelsblatt Yearly Banking Technology 5-6/12/2017 Frankfurt/M

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** Dieter Heidrich/DIE SOFTWARE: IT Requirements Within the Framework of MiFID II


WM-Group's 9. Financial Center Day 02-03/03/2016 Frankfurt/M., IHK
Roadshow: MiFID II - A Status Report (de) 18/04/2016 Hamburg, Crowne Plaza
Roadshow: MiFID II - A Status Report (de) 20/04/2016 Düsseldorf, Stock Exchange
Risk Oriented Overall Bank Steering 20-21/04/2016 Wiesbaden, Schwarzer Bock
Roadshow: MiFID II - A Status Report (de) 25/04/2016 Munich, Novotel City
Roadshow: MiFID II - A Status Report (de) 27/04/2016 Frankfurt/M., BVI
6. D-A-CH Congress for Financial Information 10/05/2016 Munich, Sofitel Bayerpost
WM-Forum Luxembourg 02/06/2016 Luxembourg
9. Richmond Financial Industry Forum 02-04/06/2016 Interlaken, Switzerland
WM-Forum London 23/06/2016 London
WM Customer Forum 15/09/2016 Frankfurt/M., Germany
WM-Forum Zurich 22/09/2016 Zunfthaus zur Saffran
StrategyCircle Banking 27-28/09/2016 Munich, Schloss Hohenkammer
WM Forum Vienna 09/11/2016 Vienna, Austria
22. Handelsblatt Yearly Banking Technology 06-08/12/2016 Frankfurt/M., Jumeirah


5. D-A-CH Congress for Financial Information 05/05/2015 Munich, Sofitel Bayerpost
WM-Forum Luxembourg 09/06/2015 LU Double Tree By Hilton
8th Richmond Financial Industry Forum 11-13/06/2015 CH Victoria Jungfrau Grand
WM-Forum London 25/06/2015 GB London Hilton Tower Bridge
22th WM-Customer Forum 09/07/2015 Frankfurt
StrategyCircle Banks 23-24/09/2015 Schloss Hohenkammer Munich
WM-Forum Zurich 24/09/2015 CH Zunfthaus z. Saffran
WM-Forum Vienna 04/11/2015 AT Vienna
21. Handelsblatt Yearly Banking Technology 03-04/12/2015 Frankfurt, Hilton


WM-Group's 7. Financial Center Day 05-06/03/2014 IHK Frankfurt
4. D-A-CH Congress for Financial Information 01/04/2014 Munich, Sofitel Bayerpost
WM-Forum Luxembourg 21/05/2014 LU, Chambre de Commerce
21. WM-Customer Forum 03/07/2014 Frankfurt
WM-Forum Zurich 01/10/2014 Zurich, Zunfthaus z. Saffran
WM-Forum Luxembourg 13/11/2014 LU, Chambre de Commerce
20. Handelsblatt Yearly Banking Technology 03-04/12/2014 Frankfurt, Hilton


WM-Group's 6. Financial Center Day 27-28/02/2013 IHK Frankfurt
WM-Forum Luxembourg 06/03/2013 LU, Chambre du Commerce
Risk Transparency 11/04/2013 Frankfurt, InterContinental
3. D-A-CH Congress for Financial Information 2013 30/04/2013 Munich, Sofitel
20. WM-Customer Forum 27-28/06/2013 Frankfurt
WM Workshop: Introduction of EMIR and LEI for Corporations and Banks )* 17/09/2013 Frankfurt, InterContinental
WM Wertpapier-Backoffice-Konferenz )* 01/10/2013 Frankfurt, Fleming's Deluxe
WM-Forum Zurich )* 10/10/2013 Zurich, Zunfthaus zur Safran
WM-Forum Luxembourg )* 13/11/2013 LU, Chambre du Commerce
19. Handelsblatt Yearly Banking Technology 04-05/12/2013 Frankfurt, Hilton
)* Dieter Heidrich, Business Unit Manager at Die Software talked about "EMIR-Implementierung und Auswirkungen auf eine Gesamtbankensoftware" (German)


WM-Forum Luxembourg 07/11/2012 LU Chambre de Commerce
WM-Forum Zurich 11/11/2012 Zurich Zunfthaus zur Saffran
WM-Forum Frankfurt 16/11/2012 Frankfurt Hilton
18. Handelsblatt Yearly Banking Technology 03-04/12/2012 Frankfurt Villa Kennedy