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OBS – Our Core Banking System

OBS is a fully fledged core banking system which can be implemented as a complete solution as well as a modular solution by selecting the required OBS modules.

Each OBS module represents an independent functional entity, which is accessed by other OBS modules or third party systems over clearly defined interfaces.

Image OBS Modules

OBS is consequently tailored to the requirements of both, the clients and the market & offers:

  • Graphical user interface
  • Client/Server-design
  • Modern database
  • Realtime-information presentation and business process representation
  • Electronic workflow to ensure an integrated information processing
  • Management of Risk & Audit requirements
  • Multi-entity capability

OBS can be connected to standard interfaces e.g. regulatory reporting or recording of payment systems. Furthermore there is the possibility for data marts which can generate individual data evaluations.


OBS was built together with well known global financial institutions and is currently deployed in multiple countries:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland

To enable the international usability of OBS the following functionality is implemented:

  • All client output and reporting in the client's language or any language of choice
  • Online screens, reports and help text in the user's language
  • Consequent encapsulation of country specific functionality with clearly defined open interfaces e.g. tax
  • Fully flexible chart of accounts and booking rules, defined using parameters
  • Flexible links to local regulatory reporting systems
  • Dedicated interfaces to local payments and clearing systems

OBS-BAS Base-System

The OBS Base-System includes

  • Clients Overview
  • Information system
  • Client output management
  • Security / Access management

Also included is a management console for system tables and parameters. They are required to define the functionality of the system, e.g.:

  • Country codes and branch codes
  • Balance sheet currency
  • Duration and system parameters
  • Management of Close of Business

OBS-BAS or at least parts thereof, must always be implemented as the basis for other modules.


The OBS-TAX module works as an independent module within OBS and manages all tax processing. Moreover, its design as a complete stand-alone tax engine enables it to easily integrate into your existing banking infrastructure, having all required tax knowledge and processing in one single place.

The generic part of OBS-TAX is parameter driven and defines the tax types to be applied accordingly. The tax rates to be applied and the tax amounts are automatically calculated.

OBS-TAX currently provides the following functionality:

  • German Taxes
  • European Savings Tax Directive
  • US Withholding Tax, FATCA, QI and OECD Reporting
  • Swiss Taxes
  • Luxembourg Taxes
  • Austrian Taxes
  • UK Taxes
  • Belgian Taxes
  • Dutch Taxes
  • Withholding tax according to double taxation agreements
  • Final Withholding tax calculation according to the tax treaties between Switzerland and UK and Austria

Further information

OBS-WPS Securities

OBS-WPS ensures the correct and automated processing of all types of securities, amongst others:

  • Shares and similar papers
  • Bonds with fix, variable and zero rate coupons
  • Money market papers
  • Funds
  • Futures
  • Options

OBS-WPS consists of the following transaction areas:

  • Master data management
  • Order management / order routing
  • Securities dealing
  • Derivatives
  • Securities settlement and administration
  • Depository management
  • Lending & Borrowing
  • Corporate actions
  • Interfaces
  • Various

All processing steps have, wherever possible and reasonable, been fully automated (STP). This is particularly the case in the areas of order settlement and custody management (corporate actions) as well as the fully automated data exchange with third parties e.g. stock exchanges and depositories.

Further information

OBS-GDH Treasury Dealing And Settlement

OBS-GDH covers the special requirements of Treasury dealing, settlement and management.

This includes:

  • the real-time management and presentation of
    • Positions in dealt currency per maturity
    • Cross currency positions, interest positions and average interest rates, etc.
    • Positions per dealer and profit centre
    • Online P/L
  • the realtime limit monitoring and presentation of the risks
    • Online interest sensitivity reports and Futures Equivalent
    • Value at Risk reporting
    • Booking of market equivalents
    • Counterparty, Group and Country limit monitoring

OBS-GDH supports the following products:

  • Foreign Exchange dealing
    • Spot, Outright / Future, Swap
  • Currency Options
  • Precious metals dealing
  • Money Market
    • Fixed term, Call money
  • Fiduciary
    • Fix term pooled and unpooled, Call
  • Interest derivatives
    • FRAs
    • Interest Rate Swaps
    • Cross Currency Swaps
    • Interest Futures
    • Interest Options (Caps, Collars, Floors, Swaptions)

The dealers themselves can record the deals in OBS-GDH. Deals done in external systems (e.g. Reuters Dealing, UBS IB) are automatically loaded into OBS-GDH. Furthermore OBS-GDH also supports the recording of all client deals in the client dealing front office online screen.

The client deal recording is aided by the automated superimposed values for the foreign exchange and interest rates (using the OBS "Quote Engine") with freely configurable margins per client group. Position changes from other OBS-Modules (e.g. OBS-WPS, OBS-ZAV, OBS-KRE or third party systems) are automatically passed to the dealers in order to update his position.

Transaction data is enriched with the pre-recorded standard settlement instructions (SSI) and the STP workflow process automatically routes the transaction to the settlement department. Confirmations and payments are prepared automatically and routed out through the pre-defined channel (SWIFT, Letter, Fax, etc.) to the counterparty or paying body. As far as possible the complete process is STP with manual intervention only for correction.

OBS-GDH supports all required SWIFT message-types for both payments and confirmations. Incoming messages are also processed based on the automated workflow and in full STP.

OBS-KRE Credit & Loans

OBS-KRE encompasses the online, realtime presentation, the processing and the management of all known international credit types.

Particular attention was given to the efficient and automated processing of the labour intensive operations with syndicated loans and multi-currency loans. The multi-dimensional data structure ensures that for each credit or loan (master data) the management of the credit tranches, maturities, interest, fees & charges, etc. are easy to handle.

In general, the utilisation of a loan, also mixed within a credit line, can be done as follows:

  • Draw-down in OBS-KRE
  • Guarantee in OBS-KRE
  • Current account loan in OBS-KKT
  • Money Market loan in OBS-GDH
  • Utilisation through FX or derivative transaction in OBS-GDH
  • Utilisation through issuer or delivery risk in OBS-WPS

The calculation of all amounts is fully automated. Similarly the processing and monitoring of all potential payments to and from the borrower, the creation of all necessary advices and limit monitoring is fully automated.

Syndicated loans cater for a tranche relevant management of the underwriters, syndicators and exporters. Integrated into OBS-KRE is also the realtime disposition, which automatically passes all limit overruns to the credit clerk for approval. All overruns are journalised in a database and shown to the credit clerk for commenting and monitoring.

An important part of OBS-KRE is the management of all collaterals. All collaterals within the bank are revalued on a daily basis (e.g. fixed term deposits, securities, etc.). This also ensures an efficient monitoring of collateral loans.

OBS-KRE, together with the other OBS-Modules caters for correct regulatory reporting as per the Basel II guidelines.

OBS-ZAV Payments

OBS-ZAV encompasses national and international payments.

All payments (manually recorded and automatically generated payments) are managed using the ergonomically designed screens. Current, open, executed and historical payments can be viewed online. Reports for documentation and controlling are available. Payment orders received via SWIFT or national clearing systems are automatically read into OBS and processed based on the instructions.

The fully automated STP process is only interrupted if the instructions are not complete, in which case the payment order is made available for manual completion. Processing for all payment types has, where it makes sense, been completely automated. This is especially the case for incoming and outgoing payments via SWIFT and national clearing systems as well as for the sending of the advices.

OBS-ZAV caters for the following national functionality:

  • EMZ/DTA Germany
  • SIC/EuroSic Switzerland
  • TARGET2, SEPA direct debit and payments in Europe
  • BACS in Great Britain

OBS-ZAV also offers all required teller functionality including cheque management (creation of bank cheques, management of client cheque books, blocked cheques, etc) and also standing orders (debit as well as credit).

In conjunction with the Credit & Loans-module OBS-KRE a comfortable account disposition is possible. OBS interfaces to various AML-systems e.g. SIRON and KDPrevent.

OBS-KKT Current Account

The OBS-KKT module caters for the comfortable handling and management of all current accounts, primarily client and bank ie. Nostro accounts. Amongst others the following functions are contained:

  • Flexible account master data management
  • Realtime client and nostro account disposition
  • Automatic creation of daily and periodical statements
    • Letter, fax, e-Mail
    • HBCI/MultiCash
    • SWIFT MT940/MT942/MT950
  • Management of hierarchised value-balanced limits and prebookings
  • Cheque mangement including returns
  • Automatic nostro reconciliation (matching MT940/MT950)

OBS-KKT offers various online query possibilities including:

  • Actual balance inquiry (book, value and cleared balance)
  • Historical balances
  • Future dated balances
  • Transaction enquiries with multiple criteria including booking and value date, turnover type, amount, currency, etc.

The management of account conditions in OBS-KKT is extremely flexible. All possible interest rates, fees, charges and provisions can be combined into standard and / or individual condition types. This includes:

  • Debit / credit interest (staggered by balance)
  • Overdraft interst
  • Postage fees, statement fee, turnover fee, etc.

Account condition changes can be done individually per client, for a group of accounts or as a global change (e.g. increase or decrease base rate). Periodical account closing is automated and the account closing can also be done realtime by the client advisor. The transfer of account closing to other accounts is also possibe, as is the compensation between accounts. Accruals can be calculated, booked and shown as per your requirements (e.g. daily, monthly or quarterly).

OBS-REW Financial Accounting

OBS-REW is a multi-currency booking system with a general ledger and sub-ledgers.

The accounts and the accounting methodology can be flexibly set up as required. An automatic reconciliation of the aggregated entries in the ledger to the detailed sub-ledger is integrated. Further functionality includes various trial balances and reports (daily trial balance, currency trial balance and interest trial balance, VAT report, etc.) in detailed and aggregated form.

The currency in which the balance sheet is to be created can be individually chosen. This allows the creation of a trial balance in any currency e.g. in the currency the client wishes and understands, in another currency for regulatory authorities and yet another currency for the headoffice. Currency accounts are automatically revalued based on the exchange rates in the system.

Further information

OBS-PMS Portfolio Management

To be successful, investment strategies require more than just a qualified investment advisor. They also require flexible and comprehensive instruments and systems. OBS-PMS therefore offers the following portfolio management functionality to support the experts:

  • Online custody account and portfolio overview by client, security, etc.
  • Online custody account and portfolio asset allocation overview by branch, currency, country etc.
  • Online and graphical presentation of the custody account and portfolio
  • Management of investment strategies and investment guidelines
  • Management of model portfolios. These can be used, for example, in wealth or asset management with funds and allows an automatic order generation based on changes within the model portfolio

OBS provides clients and portfolio managers with detailed valuation and asset reports. These include:

  • Asset valuation with breakdown and graphics by country, branch, duration, etc.
  • Transaction reports
  • Performance calculations (TWR, MWR, Nett and Gross) and detailed statements
  • Performance attribution
  • Benchmark calculation and comparison
  • Ratio calculation (e.g. volatility, Shape Ratio)

The calculation of asset management or consulting fees is flexible within OBS-PMS. Fee calculations available in OBS-PMS include performance based fees, taking tax implications into consideration.

OBS E-Solutions

The OBS E-Solutions includes a relationship manager desktop and an e-banking platform for Banks clients.

The relationship manager desktop supports the relationship manager with a concise presentation of the data, including data from third-party providers e.g. price feed data, CRM or data from other websites.

The e-banking module provides real time information for the end-user (Bank clients, external asset managers). Target group specific functions such as either a passive portfolio overview or an active opportunity to execute transactions can be provided.

Both front ends can be used via web as well as via APPs (Android and iOS). This real time solution allows the flexible and responsive response to the client needs.

In general all the functions available within OBS are also available in the E-Solutions. The following functions are, for example, included in our E-Solutions and can be used individually or in target group specific combinations:

  • Asset view
  • Detailed asset view grouped by currency, category etc.
  • Individual account balance incl. revenues and details
  • Individual security positions, - transactions, - revenues and - open orders
  • Individual display of exchange transactions, financial transactions, credit
  • Performance display
  • Recording of orders
  • Recording of payment
  • Recording of time deposit
  • Messaging between client and relationship manager
  • Access to documents from OBS

The E-Solutions module is developed using a service orientated architecture (SOA). The services are an integral component of the OBS architecture and use the OBS infrastructure and OBS functions, i.e. they perform analogue to the other OBS programs.

This solution allows real time accessibility without redundant data retention in another application. The services are an open interface for the real time communication to all other OBS modules and can also be used with third-party systems outside of OBS.

The necessary security is provided using a multi-tiered architecture as well as an own authorisation management for the internet banking client.