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OBS – REW Financial Accounting

OBS-REW offers various query screens for:

  • Balance enquiries
  • Turnover enquiries based on multiple different criteria (e.g. booking date, value date, turnover type, amount, etc.)

The chart of accounts is independently configurable. OBS-REW covers a parallel preparation of various charts of accounts and consolidation over multiple mandates:

  • Memorandum bookings into previous accounting period e.g. month
  • Memorandum bookings into previous accounting period e.g. previous financial year
  • General manual bookings
  • Creation of booking audit trail for all manual and automatic booking entries

Interfaces between OBS-REW and other OBS modules as well as third party systems are managed using the Booking Engine. Within OBS-REW, booking entries can be assigned to individual cost centres and project codes. With these allocations, expenses and revenues can either be manually split and transferred or can be automatically split using allocation formulas. OBS also supports interfaces to various regulatory reporting and controlling systems.

Booking Engine

The OBS Booking Engine not only caters for multiple freely definable chart of accounts, but also for the variable allocation of the booking entries to the accounts. This ensures that, for example, the financial books can be trade date based as well as value date based.

The accruals and valuations of income and expenses are done within each individual OBS module and the booking entries are automatically passed to the OBS-REW module through the booking engine. In general all products in OBS are valued on a mark-to-market basis and, where relevant, on a lowest-value-principle.

Due to its ability to effectively communicate with other software systems OBS-REW can import foreign data and export data to third-party systems e.g. controlling systems, fixed asset systems, accounts payable / receivable systems, etc.

Regulatory reporting and controlling system

Controlling relevant information (e.g. cost centre codes, project codes, etc) can be automatically allocated to each booking entry. Furthermore allocation keys (e.g. headcount or surface area) can also be allocated. This data can then be transferred to a dedicated controlling system on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

OBS offers standard interfaces to various different systems e.g. SAP, ZEB and KSP.

Regulatory reporting and corporate group reporting is done using OBS interfaces from OBS-REW and other OBS modules e.g.:

  • German regulatory reporting including AWV and KWG
    • DaVinci
    • BAIS
  • Fire for Swiss regulatory reporting
  • rFrame for British regulatory reporting
  • SmartStream for Austrian regulatory reporting
  • FRS/DWII for Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg reporting

With the OBS data mart, OBS-REW offers a reporting environment that can link to in-house systems. From the OBS Data Mart all data required for group or head-office reporting can be taken, and multiple other in-house systems can be connected for reporting purposes (e.g. Basel II - Pillar II, risk management systems, etc.).