The key to a successful implementation and operation of a Core Banking System is the in-depth knowledge and comprehensive understanding of your requirements: The functionally rich and modern OBS Online Banking System paired with our highly skilled and experienced project teams, which all possess fundamental banking and business knowledge, form a solid basis of your success.
We Understood.
Financial Knowledge for Your Success.


DIE SOFTWARE supports both business analysis and software implementation as well as the complete life cycle of the product OBS Online Banking System.

In addition, and at the request oft the client, the complete operation and support of OBS and other systems necessary for the banks operations are done by DIE SOFTWARE BAaS Banking Applications and Services GmbH.

We understand your business and we have the knowledge for your success – which is why service is an integral part of our offer.
Read a sample of how we support e.g. Bethmann Bank to make success Stories out of complex integration projects.

DIE SOFTWARE as Application Service Provider

Many banks no longer wish to deal with the operation and management of their banking applications by themselves – for these clients, the ASP model of DIE SOFTWARE BAaS Banking Applications and Services GmbH is the solution. The following services are offered in clearly defined processes, based on ITIL standards:

  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Change management and release management
  • Application management
  • Test management and test execution
  • Managed housing and IT operations

Not only OBS is included in the ASP solution, but of course also regulatory reporting systems, AML/embargo tools, interfaces to SWIFT/SEPA and ebanking. The benefits of the ASP solution with DIE SOFTWARE BAaS Banking Applications and Services GmbH are:

  • DIE SOFTWARE is a service provider with over 30 years of banking experience, there are over 100 specialists behind the ASP solution
  • A single point of contact allows an efficient and service-oriented communication
  • Clear SLAs and ITIL-compliant processes provide a reliable set of rules
  • The managed housing is provided together with renowned partners with extensive experience in the financial industry
  • The use of synergies with other banking companies will lead to efficient and high-quality services
But of course, the ASP solution of DIE SOFTWARE does not mean that you have to forgo the banks individuality: both within OBS as well as with the connectivity to third party systems, ASP clients will profit from the flexibility and customising offered by DIE SOFTWARE – because we know: Every bank has its own needs!


The OBS consulting team supports you in all aspects of implementation:

  • Specification of requirements
  • Specification of modifications
  • Setting of parameters
  • Test concepts and testing
  • User support.

In addition to the above mentioned business oriented assistance, your IT operations and IT administration are also supported by our system specialists, unless you wish wo have an ASP model operation.

Furthermore, special attention is paid to migrating existing data from the legacy system. We have extensive experience in:

  • Definition of the migration strategy
  • Mapping
  • Import of data into OBS
  • Test support
  • Reconciliation.


Consultants from DIE SOFTWARE possess considerable in-depth banking knowledge and of course thorough knowledge of the product OBS.

They support you with

  • Business requirement analyses
  • Creating of specifications
  • Optimizing the workflow
  • Defining best practices.


The training of your staff is highly important to us. We therefore offer individually tailored training programmes for each client – based on the modular training principle of DIE SOFTWARE.

Maintenance contracts

The maintenance contracts of DIE-SOFTWARE ensure:

  • Appropriate response times
  • Software adaptions due to legal, regulatory or standard changes (e.g. SWIFT)
  • Joint adaption of the user community
  • Customization of the software

Client Relationships, Collaboration With Our Clients

The OBS user banks and DIE SOFTWARE work closely together: this experience exchange serves the customer directly and also contributes significantly to the further development of the OBS. The OBS user banks meet regularly in technical workshops on the subject of payment, reporting, regulatory requirements or taxes to exchange knowledge and jointly work out optimal and efficient solutions for the further development of the OBS.

This starts the advantage of this user community for a long time before it goes to the development of software: DIE SOFTWARE, together with external specialists, e.g. accountants, analyses tasks for the member banks so that the banks participating in this service can split the costs.

The customer forum hosted by DIE SOFTWARE provides an electronic communication platform for the OBS customer banks to exchange among each other as well as with DIE SOFTWARE about all topics related to OBS at any time and also outside the user workshops.